How to Make a Chiseled Bookshelf Secret Door in Minecraft 1.20?

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The Chiseled Bookshelf secret door is like one of those private chambers you have seen in dramas and movies. These bookshelves are being added in Minecraft Download Version 1.20 and act as a secret door that opens by the specific Redstone mechanic. This article will examine how you can create one of the Chiseled bookshelves and how it works.

How to Make a Chiseled Bookshelf Secret Door in Minecraft 1.20?

So without any delay, let’s get started.

What is a Chiseled Bookshelf?

Before getting into the details of the Chiseled bookshelve functioning and making process, let us know about the chiseled Bookshelf. So a chiseled bookshelf is a block used for storage purposes. In this unique storage block, you can keep the material of your book, like books, enchanted books, quills, etc.

Chiseled bookshelf

Users are free to place the bookshelves anywhere near their place. You can set and take back the book to and from the Bookshelf by using Redstone. As with another item, it also sends Redstone signals when you move books that are different for each lot of Bookshelf.

The signal strength of each bookshelve slot is different. The Redstone signal strength increases front top to bottom and left to right. SO signals strength when you place or move the slot books will be extra according to their position on the bookshelves.

How to Make a Chiseled Bookshelf?

To make a Chiseled bookshelf in Minecraft 1.20, first, you need to know what items you need. We have mentioned the things below.

8 Redstone dust, 12 chiseled bookshelves, one comparator, and a sticky piston. You must search for all these items at the start of your game. How can you utilize them to craft a chiseled bookshelf? So here is the guide.

Build The Base

First, you must build a base to create a secret door in chiseled bookshelves. If you need a private room, hide behind the Bookshelf, and make a room first in the form of a long tunnel. Also, guard the safe space surrounded by water or another box.

Place a Sticky Piston

Then place a sticky piston above the tunnel. Make sure that a gap of one block must be there in the piston and tunnel.

Make The Row of Chiseled Bookshelves

Place the row of Chiseled Bookshelves between the block gap and the sticky piston.

Fill The Bookshelves

After placing the Bookshelf in a suitable place, now place books on the shelves. Try to fill each block of shelving, and you can also arrange them in a certain way to create confusion. One thing you have to do is to leave the left slots of the Bookshelf empty for further procedure.

Minecraft Bookshelves filled

Connect The Bookshelf With The Redstone

To make the secret bookshelf door work:

  • Connect the shelf with Redstone.
  • Firstly, place the Redstone comparator behind the bookshelves with two comparator pins facing the Chiseled Bookshelf.
  • Place the Redstone repeater and then two pieces of Redstone dust.
  • Connect the repeater with a sticky piston and make a loop with the dust.

Now you have completed your secret door construction. Now we are going to discuss how this secret door works.

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Working on The Secret Door

To open the secret door, you must connect the bookshelf slot with the Redstone dust to power the piston. Connect the piston, that particular slot that acts as a trigger, and Redstone dust. Suppose you named your bookshelves slot A, B, C, etc.

Chiseled bookshelf door of minecraft

Suppose you make the B slot to trigger the sticky piston. If you want that only B slot trigger the piston to move them. Place the red dust so that moving A or C does not make the piston move, but B triggers it, and your secret door opens.

How To Open The Secret Door?

As we have left the top left slot. Now we will see how you can use the books in this slot to open the secret door.

  • Go to the left slot and place the book in the top left space.
  • Placing text will trigger the Redstone mechanics and lead to the opening of the secret door, while if you move a book, it also acts as a stimulus, and your secret door will open.
Minecraft secret door
  • Interacting with another door beside this will not open the closed secret door.
  • So establish the slot that you want as the key for your door.
  • Make the best secret room and place your more essential item to save them from the enemy.
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For what purpose can you create a secret room in Minecraft?

Minecraft’s secret room is used for various purposes like protecting valuable things, adventure maps, and hidden items or acting as a hiding place.

What purpose is Redstone dust used, and how can you obtain them?

Redstone dust is obtained when you dig a Redstone block. This dust is used to connect two items and also power them up.

What is a sticky piston?

The sticky piston is used to move a block. When used in the Chiseled Bookshelf’s secret door construction, it is powered up by the Redstone dust that drives it and opens the door because of empowered pushes. After the power source diminishes, the block is pulled back because of its sticky nature.