How To Get Unbanned on GB Whatsapp 2024?

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As we all know, WhatsApp is an excellent platform for communication worldwide. Billions of people around the globe are using this platform, and the number is rising daily. WhatsApp is not only a cheap source of communication but also the most accessible place to share your data with others globally.

How To Get Unbanned on GB Whatsapp 2023?

Though WhatsApp has many valuable features, it still has some restrictions that have encouraged developers to modify the application and introduce some mod versions of WhatsApp that would offer other advanced features that the official app wouldn’t. The famous mods available are GB WhatsApp, FM WhatsApp, YO WhatsApp, and many others.

These versions are not approved by Google and, therefore, not available on the Google Play Store for installation. The official WhatsApp, therefore, take strict steps if they find a person using mod for various reason. Many users who have downloaded GB complain that their number is temporarily banned.

Whatsapp banned

WhatsApp has become an internal part of our lives, so getting banned for even one day could be frustrating. So we bring you a complete guide on how to get unbanned if your GB WhatsApp account is forbidden. So let’s get started.

Reason Why You Get Banned?

Whatsapp wouldn’t ban a number until it finds some unusual activity from the account. You can get banned because of the following reasons.

Using Mods

As mods are developed against the terms and conditions of the WhatsApp community, your number might get banned if it finds you are using such a version. It only stops the audience from using GB WhatsApp APK or other mods.

Sending Bulk Messages

Sending bulk messages is considered a red sign by the WhatsApp community. So if you send bulk messages, you are on the radar of getting blocked.

Inappropriate Message

If you are not following WhatsApp’s terms and conditions, your activities are against their policies, and you are sending anything considered offensive, you might get blocked by WhatsApp.

Inappropriate Message

How To Unban Your Number On GB WhatsApp?

To unban Your number on GB WhatsApp, opt for two ways

Uninstall The GB and Install The Official Whatsapp

Third-party applications are discouraged by official WhatsApp as they are a risk for the user and the app itself. So when WhatsApp knows that you are using the unregistered Version. It temporarily bans your number from warning you.

So the most straightforward way to get unbanned is to uninstall the GB version of WhatsApp and then install the official Version. If you have created your backup, it could be recovered after making your official account.

whatsapp install

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Install The Anti-Ban Version of WhatsApp

The demand of users to introduce an app packed with all the advanced features could also block the official application from banning your number.

Keeping these things in mind, the developer added the anti-ban feature in the latest GB WhatsApp that protects your number from being banned. So install this anti-ban Version of GB Whatsapp Download. You can visit our website.

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How to install the anti-ban Version of WhatsApp?

These unregistered applications are not available on the Google Play Store. You can get this anti-ban GB version from our website. Click on the link and follow the steps to install the app.

What is the permanent ban on WhatsApp numbers?

The permanent ban means you are no longer allowed to use WhatsApp through your mobile number and never will throughout your entire life.

Can you rescue your number from the permanent ban?

No, it is not possible, but if you can provide valid reasoning for the inappropriate activities done through your account to the WhatsApp community, your number could get unbanned.