How To Add QR Code In Alight Motion?

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Alight motion app serves you with a wide variety of features. Easy to use filters and effects. It permits you to explore icons and use them to generate insanely addictive videos. Using sound effects, background motion, animations, drawing options, graphics, and a lot more fascinates your audience to a great extent. Edit and create any of your videos and pictures from the Gallery.

Text styles, sizes, colors, shapes, and your favorite music changes the viewer’s mood. Alight Motion allows you to create black-and-white videos through its vast editing styles. Everything a person wants to obtain is effortlessly reachable.

How To Add QR Code In Alight Motion?

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QR Code

QR code is a combination of Black dots that contain essential information. It is readable by machines and is a type of matrix code. These black squares containing all the necessary information in the QR code are not placed randomly but instead in a square grid.

QR Code

This arranged information comprises fiducial markers, which are then readable by the camera, prepared by Reed Solomon error correction. This error correction makes sure that the image is then interpreted appropriately.

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How To Add QR In Alight Motion?

Adding a QR code in the Alight motion application is an easy task, just a few steps away from using other presets and functions in this app. If you scan the QR of effect, you can enjoy more features. Following the steps mentioned under will make your task easier and your understanding clear.

  • Download the QR code scanner from the Play Store
  • To import the code that you saved on your phone, open the application
  • Insert the code in the application
Alight motion QR Code
  • The link is the generated
  • Click to open the link
  • After this, the clicked link will forward you to the new window
  • The new window will provide you with the download option
  • You are free to download and enjoy any template.
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