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APP NAMEAdobe Lightroom APK
Size119 MB
CategoryVideo Players & Editors
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  • You can enjoy all Premium and Paid in-app tools for free
  • No Adobe ID required to operate Lightroom
  • All kinds of ads and bugs removed
  • Activate the Healing brush tool and get rid of unwanted things efficiently
  • Selectively adjust any area on the photo and enhance that particular area using Brush and Radiant tools with precision
  • More than 2500+ presets available
  • Copy your most amazing piece of work and apply it to another raw picture
  • Free access to Geometry panel that allows you to fix perspectives of your photographs
  • Synchronize and utilize upto 1 TB of Adobe Creative Cloud storage
  • Enable Batch editing for free and save more time
  • Build your own website using Adobe Portfolio (MOD apk for PC)
  • Customized and dynamic display for Bigger screens
  • Supports latest camera lenses
  • Bugs fixed
  • Trendy New Effects
  • New Crop Overlays (Triangle shape)
  • New, much needed Premium Presets such as Black & White, Edgy and Group presets for Portraits.
  • New Preset amount slider to adjust the intensity of filters
  • Remixes Tab allows you to edit pictures of other creators and photographers
  • New Invert Mask option in the Masking Panel
  • Edit multiple photos with just one click
  • New Languages such as Hindi and Norwegian added to the mobile version
  • Apply Select Subject and Select Sky Masks to more than one photo
  • Search for new tutorials, your favorite people and more on the Lightroom community

As we know our fast world of modern mobile applications revolves around perfection. Lightroom is a great photo editing software for every user, beginner or professional, whether it’s in terms of quality or quantity. Let me fill you in on this.

Different Adobe software is available on the market for the public to have the best picture or video editing experience. Still, the only drawback is their pay-to-access features and yearly subscriptions. You can download fully customized and 100% virus-free APKs from


This is where Lightroom Mod APK provides all the premium features along with yearly subscriptions absolutely free while managing the high standards of image editing.

Device Requirements

The application itself doesn’t need much to run as the latest budget phones come equipped with decent RAM and Internal Storage, however, flagship cell phones are advised as they feature bigger screens, snappy response, and 50 MP camera setups and are helpful in taking DSLR-style images anyplace.

If you desire to have this application on your Windows or Mac PCs then with adequate emulation software, you can have access to this app, but it can be a can of worms to set up. I personally don’t advise doing so.

Features and Properties

As discussed earlier, the built-in, AI makes editing unchallenging and less time-consuming. These self-explanatory features can encourage all eager photographers to begin using a fresh strategy. So let’s just dig right in.

Powerful Picture Editing Tool

Lightroom Mod makes it a popular option for all editors by bringing updated AI approaches and a package of features that includes Light Correction, Color Correction, Masking and Layering, Photo Adjustment, and Lightroom Presets, along with maintaining and organizing.

Lightroom Mod is primarily available for Android and IOS devices and does not have official support for MAC OS PC or Windows as of yet. It is an application that is a must-have in your mobile devices for a standout picture portfolio.

Adobe Lightroom GUI

Let’s start with the graphical user interface of the application, which has a simple preview with completely customizable options like sliders, radio and checkboxes, elegant fonts, and outstanding exemplary previews making the learning curve easier for all beginners

Custom and Built-In Presets

The best and the most prominent feature is preset, which is a setting on the application that can be applied to the images in advance to save time. These presets are not finalized and can also be customized after being applied before saving it permanently.

The “Learn” option also enables you to be inspired by presets created by other people and even explains the creation process of these presets with the help of tutorials.

Healing and Cloning Brush

As suggested by the name, Healing can remove freckles, acne, and scar marks on the skin, while cloning can be used to remove unnecessary objects from the image by the technique of color cloning. A resizable brush is used to paint over the portion that needs to be healed or removed; the rest is just magic!

Masking and Layering

When editing images one must acknowledge that Masking is an essential and beneficial tool that takes your editing experience on a different level. Masking covers additional options such as Subject, Sky, Linear Gradient, Radial Gradient, Brush, Color Range, and Luminance Range selection with complete adjustable sliders. All of these options can assist in achieving complete control over the saturation, hue, temperature, contrast, and color grading of every single object in the picture.

Cropping and Filters

We take and crop pictures daily; what makes cropping special in Lightroom Mod is the additional option which comes with features like Resolution presets, Auto-straight, and vertical and horizontal flip. Free Premium filters can significantly alter an image’s lighting and shadow details. By selecting recommendations, the app’s artificial intelligence (AI) can also provide a selection of filters that work best with the image.

Image Sharpness and Lens Correction

Image sharpness increases the detail of the overall image or highlighted area as it reduces color noise, de-hazes and increases texture clarity. If the phone’s lens is low quality or damaged, it results in chromatic aberration and pixel distortion; hence Lens correction can be activated to avoid such complexities.

Other Utilities

Most updates made on Lightroom Mod give new features to be explored. Here are some additional beneficiary features that support the foundation of the app.


Backs up data to cloud storage, so you don’t have to worry about losing your internal storage and crucial data.


The feature lets you add stickers, decals, and images on top of selected images.


Lightroom is a socializing app where you can grasp creativity, communicate, and collaborate with other users on the app.

Organized Folders

Management is based on the data distribution among organized folders and quick multi-media import and export options.

YouTube video


What’s the difference between Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop?

Yes, Lightroom is a flexible editing software for your photos while Adobe Photoshop is an advanced editing tool where you can paste, merge, and create something that you want to see.

Can I edit Videos with Lightroom MOD APK?

No, this application is solely made for rendering pictures.

Is it safe to download Lightroom MOD APK on mobile phones?

You have to be careful as many of the MOD APK developers use these applications to get your personal information. Always download MOD APKs from websites that claim to have tested their app with virus-scanning tools. You can also have such tools on your device such as a good VPN.

Should I own an Adobe account for Lightroom MOD APK?

No, you can edit, share, and export without logging in on the Lightroom MOD APK.